Among The First - Self-Titled

"Pariah" the first single to come off the self-titled EP from Among The First, is quite thrilling on the first listen. After hearing it more than once, you can see as to why the track has received such an extensive amount of play time on the radio air waves, even on such radio stations as 98Rock out of Sacramento, California and Rock Rage Radio in the U.S. and Europe.

But how does the rest of the EP release hold up, rather nicely really. "Pariah", was that first glimpse approach to hearing who and how Among The First would sound in terms of style. In short they bring to mind the likeness of Stone Sour meets Papa Roach crossed with other acts like Three Days Grace or Shinedown.

"Fiend" and "Failure", are really some of the more stand out tracks to come off this EP, besides the single that is "Pariah". They really bring forth this true aggressive tone to their form of rock n' roll. It has an intensity flowing to it, with this upbeat catch that keeps you wanting to tap your feet or bang your head to its beat. While the rest of the tracks off the EP like "Nothing To Lose", "Never Forget", and "Talk To Me", keep this energy alive and well, but do tone it down slightly. The material off these other tracks is still well preserved and top notch in quality of sound and style, they are just more low cut but still heavy edged.

All in all though Among The First's self-titled EP release, is a solid hitter, with tracks that are accessible and easy to listen too. You will not be bored or disappointed after checking this release out by the guys in this little band that could.

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