Crejuvent - Time

"I'm just some chump who likes heavy music. That's all you need to know" is how Crejuvent describes their particular style of music, which as simply heavy music. When listening to the EP "Time", consisting of 5-tracks it is clearly obvious that it is heavy music but more or less falls along the lines of sounding extreme metal meets hardcore mixed with heavy metal. You get your average screaming aspect, with heavy instrumentals, that keeps the music embracive, yet powerful with upbeat tones that keeps it truly fierce.

As far as which tracks to listen in on, "Code Orange", captures the fast pacing energy with screaming vocal chords with some brief clean vocals layered in, making a nice touch appeal. While "Word Vomit", keeps the music in a more screaming pace of beat, the music heavy duty, with lots of flowing melodies and harmonies at bay, that keeps it all bouncy. "Fuck This Shit", is a quick picker upper, that keeps you interesting yet pleased with the results, really showing what to expect from the get go.

All in all really, Crejuvent's "Time" EP is a solid release, with promising things to come from them. If heavy music is not your thing then perhaps passing on this act is for you, otherwise if heavy music is for you, then by all means jump on these guys for sure.

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