Driftwood Pyre - Strangeways

Driftwood Pyre's "Strangeways" EP release, brings the classy out of the wood works into the foreground of the scene of music. By doing this, it captures the true rock music style, of the previous generations, combining together rock, indie rock, psych, and garage rock. You getting this combination alone, is what makes this EP stand out the most. This being a follow-up to the 2015 self-titled efforts, this EP is a step up from there, by all means possible. Upon listening to this EP you get such tracks as "Shatter Star", "Into Blue" and "The Tide", all of which really bring out the most in this little piece of work. Driftwood Pyre have got style, when it comes down to these particular tracks. They are so catching to the ear, really putting you at ease, with just the right amount of spunk and fun. These tracks being so balanced and well rounded pieces of work, it makes their material that more demanding to the ear. That is how it plays out at least. Overall though, Driftwood Pyre's "Strangeways" EP is one heck of a release, that captures a time frame, that takes you into a whole another element of dimension. Just hearing their music, brings out the joy that is indie, rock, and garage based music, it makes it come alive, hearing it more than once, which is what you will do here.

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