Richard Schroder - Drive

"He's the real deal" says songwriter coach Steve Seskin, a colleague to Richard Schroder, a musician who demands a lot of himself. In fact, he would rather do things the hard way, than the easy way, he says by doing things the hard way, it must mean it's the right way. That said, "Drive", just so happens to be the current song turned single for the rocker behind the country.

Indeed Richard Schroder is a musician mixing things up with the genres that are rock and country, with this track in particular. The track kicks things off, with an automatic recognition of country flare, with the rock momentum added in later on for good measure. But how does it sound you ask. Well if the rock and country mix-up did not convince you, then the tone will do the trick.

As soon as this track starts off, you get hit with those noticeable tactics that most if not the typical country rock track, persuades with its listeners. You know the laid back, easy going energy, with upbeat tone, that you just know instantly that it is country music. The type of music you rather avoid then enjoy. Sorry to say it that way, but not many folk take a liking to this side of the music spectrum in terms  of rock country music or country rock music.

But in the case of Richard Schroder's "Drive", is more than just your regular or typical run of the mill track, it is much more unique and different. While it sounds like all the rest, there are some differences going for it. Like take the guitar rhytum, it plays off as this upbeat tempo, with bouncy energy that keeps it flowing right along to the tone of the music. Whereas the vocal chords, give off a similarity fashion to that of other country rock acts, like  Garth Brooks and Keith Urban for starters. Other acts that bring out a similar trait would have to be such acts as Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton if not many others, Richard tends to sound like.

That is it in terms of sound, style, and quality. As for the lyrical context, that is something else altogether. For the lyrics for this track, are true blue. They go into discussion about Richard wanting to get back home, from being out on the road, playing shows and touring, him longing for home so badly. He goes into greater detail about even seeing his loved one as he plays each night, as the time goes on by. It really collects into your thoughts, as you picture all of that going on, as this track plays right along to it.

It really is an embracive track, that captures the mind, heart, and soul, with its lyrics, and melodies of tone, in terms of the music. Richard just can play off it all, so well, and willingly it is hard to resist it at any point really. He has got this angst of pride and passion, that keeps that "Drive", of the track, and its accompanying album, of the same name, really cruising along.

In short, Richard Schroder's "Drive", is just a track you can enjoy, while it may have some similarities to other acts, out and about, this guy, just stands above them, creating something that is his own, done his way, the right way he sees it fit.

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