Ezla - Outcasts

"Outcasts" the title track to the EP release presented by pop artist Ezla. No not Elsa but Ezla notice the spelling's between the names. In any case though, "Outcasts", just happens to be one of those wondrous tracks that gets people. Like literally, according to Ezla herself, who posted the video that accompanies this single, on Friday September 8th 2017, that post upon her Instagram has had OVER 40,000 streams through the Spotify music service. Well now it has reached 41,000 within just a couple of days since its release. Ezla is simply ecstatic! She has given the praise towards those including her fans, who have listened in and seen this track. Simply put she says thank you and I love you!

With that said, this track making all the buzz possible, is just a track of activity that brings forth yet another artist in the making, that has taken the genre of pop, into her own hands. Thus, creating a take on music, that has been defined as well as described as nothing less than an unforgettable encounter, giving the audiences and listeners in tow, a chance to step inside the outside of their own comfort zones and inner beings of themselves. So what does this all mean, well it is pop music but has an electronic driven tone of beats with organic instruments that really directs it all into a full focus of appeal and approach.

Like for instance, "Outcasts", really brings out that creativity, uniqueness, and infusion of sorts that keeps the tune catching and upbeat. Her vocal work done surprisingly well, that her tone really captures the essence of the melodies and harmonies pulsing out. Whilst the instrumentals are done casual and current, like the melodies provide more of a danceable tone of beat, that you can sway yourself to. If not perhaps even move your head to the beats, whatever your choice, that is the spoken feeling that this track, its vocals and instrumentals all do.

Really though, when listening to Ezla, her tone of music, really gives off a similarity vibe to that of other artists in the scene, like Nicki Minaj, Lorde, and Miley Cyrus. Now while their styles are more out there, Ezla has developed, her own style, that builds upon those other artists, that is more genuine. She may have similarity to these artists, if not others out there, but it is her music alone, that is grabbing the attention of others, many of which go as far as saying her music is amazing, and oh my gosh status!

Now that is saying something at least. Getting so noticed by one single track, yet video is going there. Ezla has got something going for her, as it were, and in time she will continue to raise upward, building an even greater base with her fandom, music, and much more.

"Outcasts", both single, video, and the EP, go in hand with one another, that in no time at all, it will be recognized as much more, than just another typical pop artist, wanting to get her name out there for all to see. Ezla is so much more than that, she is her true self, the way she should be, from the inside out.


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