Remember those days when Angelspit would inspire you to throw your office chair though your monitor? ...well those days are back!

Angelspit's 7th studio album DESTROYS with 12 tracks writhing with classic ultra-brutal beats, machine-gun sampled guitars, massive dirty synths, and scathing vocals clamping down on your ears.

This album is brutal, sexy, and cynical. The music is firmly based in the slamming sound of early 90s cyberpunk with shards of gritty, lo-fi, digitally tortured samples. Angelspit worked tirelessly for months on the mixes, polishing the details in the layers of distortion, seamlessly merging industrial electro punk and slick production: this is the band's most highly produced album to date. Black Dog Bite is sonically dense, well defined, yet harsh and driven.

"I want you to see the sonic detail of the razor-blades as they slash you. I want you to hear the sounds  being torn apart, bit crushed, frequency tortured and splintered - as if it's blood is being splattered."
- Zoog Von Rock, Angelspit.

The lyrics are personal with a twist of sarcasm - rooted in the difficulties of dealing with political chaos, consumerism, the daily grind, social media, feeling outcast, heartbreak and depression...all delivered with wicked teeth through Angelspit's harmonic singing and yelling.

Black Dog Bite has the sound and message for a society going through major upheaval.

Black Dog Bite is the first album Angelspit has produced on vinyl. Pressed on 150gram vinyl with heavy splattered black and white pattern. The LP comes with a poster, stickers and a zine. Also available as MP3 album, 96k FLAC, CD.

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