Dope Stars Inc - TeraPunk

Dope Stars Inc describes their fifth album "TeraPunk" as a “terabyte of raw data straight to your face. A synth'n'roll perversion of real and artificial machines”. It goes to saying that they couldn't be more right, having a mixture of industrial, rock, and electro music with raw punk attitude aligning it's outer limits, this album indeed mixes those real sounds that bring it all to life. Like take for instance tracks such as "Take It", "Many Thanks", and "It's Going to Rain for You", all of these bring to life those sound methods described, the guitars, bass, and drums, all working together with the e-guitars, programmed drums, and looping formula to create that electro and rock music. It's like Deathstars meets Mindless Self Indulgence/KMFDM. Take their styles and that's what you get when you listen to "Terapunk" from Dope Stars Inc. You get all of this energy, infused with the instrumentals that never want to quit. If industrial, punk, rock, influential music is what gives you the kicks, then this release will present itself, hands down, in all the right ways described here and more.

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