Concepts - Transitions

When listening to one of two songs off their EP "Transitions", Concepts didn't quite draw me in as most bands would tend to do. How do bands do that sorta thing? Their instrumentals being intense, aggressive, with their vocals doing a lot of the work, the gunts, growls, screams, is what really draws me in, getting me hooked in an instant or pushed back in an instant. In the case of the guys in Concept their one tune "Mirrors", didn't strike me as quickly as other songs on this release had done.

For instance the opener "Posthumous", maintains tons of screaming vocals, aggressive instrumentals, that as said, really do grab your attention and draws you inward to the music. The other song offered off the EP that these guys have given up has to be "Abomination", now this one is sort of like the opener except it has brief mellow moments in between, with chorus structure, soft instrumentals that come in and out of those fast beats, allowing it to be an eye catching tune overall. As for the rest of the "Transitions" EP, it ends up as a release that can either please you or displease you on how you hear it.

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