The Plot In You Departs from Rise Records with New Song “My Old Ways”

The Plot In You have announced their departure from Rise Records by releasing a new single "My Old Ways". They have also released a statement in regards to the matter;

"Hey everyone I know you all have questions on the status of the band and we are hoping to answer most of it for you now. As you may have seen we are no longer on Rise Records. We want to thank Rise Records for being a tremendous help to our band and putting out our past releases. Currently we are in the process of finishing up our new cd and will announce a new label soon. For now, we would like to give you a taste of our new music we have been working on. We made this new music video for the song “My Old Ways” and it showcases the sound and feeling of the new record. Thank you all for your patience and we will see you on the road next month."

Check out the video HERE.

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