My Ransomed Soul - Trilateral

Kicking things off by the sounds of "Monarch", My Ransomed Soul's song and video debut off what would be their third album to date, "Trilateral". The single alone sets it all up, the album that is, except this time around, a more hardcore genre is heard than their previous metalcore element. Don't get me wrong, that element is still persistent, except the hardcore genre is more front and center. Allowing more break downs to occur here and there, riffs, drumming, is all present, being more adrenaline pushing if you will. Like "Mockingbird", "Revolt", and "Reflections", all provide this formula to happen, it makes the music more listenable and enjoyable pretty much. When it comes down to it, the instrumentals and vocals presented, work well together, each playing their part and proper role, as each song plays along. All in all, "Trilateral", being a third release for My Ransomed Soul is a keeper, allowing the band to have improved as musicians, lyricists, and instrumentalists, that their material works well for them and will gladly draw in the attention of those wanting a fresh experience.

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