Tear Out The Heart - Dead, Everywhere!

Taking place only two years later, the sophomore follow-up release to "Violence" released in 2013 was a solid debut effort. But will the follow-up release called "Dead, Everywhere" live up to its previous hype? Tear Out The Heart think so and have released an album that is indeed potential quality. "Feel Real", "I've Got Secrets", are played back to back as well as released back to back well a few weeks apart but still you get it right? Anyway aside from the talking opening the title track "Dead, Everywhere", these other two are again the leading set of singles off this release, they are the right choices to go with here. They bring up that intensity, have the fast instrumentals, vocals are aggressive, brutal, and know you're listening.

"Damage Control", is the next song after the singles have played their part, now this song is a step up from the previous. It consists of more brutality and intensity, more vocals that really pull at you, with fast instrumentals, guitar riffs, drum beats, breakdowns, it's just all there and it all fits in so perfectly. "The Rejected" and "Breaking Through", tend to be the ballad type of songs offered here. They still maintain that intensity while bringing in a more mellowed tone of beat, having more catchy chorus, vocals, and instrumentals that sooth the listener while still entertaining them.  The songs selected here are one's that stand out the most upon this release, really pleases.

All in all Tear Out The Heart's sophomore efforts "Dead, Everywhere", is another solid piece of work. If you enjoyed their debut release then this one should get you through the tunes, no problem, indicating a time of maturity and enhancement.

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