Falling In Reverse - Just Like You

Falling In Reverse one of those acts who have seen the in and out of numerous members. Just like their bury the hatchet counterparts Escape The Fate. Both acts have had their histories but in this case, this is about those other guys, Falling In Reverse. Their third full-length "Just Like You" brings a whole lot of surprises and then some. What is this then some part, well if you were a fan of Ronnie Radke, when he was present in Escape The Fate, yes he was their first vocalist way back when, then they replaced him sometime later. In any case, "Just Like You" is as Ronnie Radke put it "It's a sequel to "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion" which was Escape The Fate's debut full-length when Ronnie Radke was present. Does the then some make sense now?

Anyway, "Just Like You" is just like that release, it's like a continuation if that makes better sense. The album does feature a few "sequels" like "The Guillotine", this song started with Ronnie Radke being in Escape The Fate, kicking things off with part 1. As those guys took off without Ronnie Radke, two more sequels were added, making it part 2 and 3. Now Ronnie Radke is concluding it with "Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter" but will it be the final installment in this series of songs? Perhaps so or perhaps not only time will tell, but there is more to tell about it, this song as well as the track "God, If You Are Above", wad released, both tracks being well received. Each song having catchy riffs, solos, and upbeat tones that made the lyrical context bounce around like a never ending bouncy ball.

Going back to the sequel songs another song that was made into a continuation was one called "My Apocalypse II" the sequel to "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion's "My Apocalypse I". Now this song is a lot like it's first part, except this sequel is more intense and upbeat than its previous counterpart. Now other mentionable tracks off this release would be one called "Die For You", this one really brings out that intensity, the guitar solos and riffs are really persist, vocals chalk full of screams and intense growls, with the drumming being just as eager, that it makes this song really ring out loud all over.

"Just Like You" is by far a release that is truly out there. It embraces the maturity, comfort, and angst, that has been within the band, showing off an improvement that allowed the band to embrace themselves and the music that they create.

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