Vampires Everywhere Comes Back to Life?

Michael Orlando or known as Michael Vampire, brought Vampires Everywhere! to a close to pursue a whole another project he called The Killing Lights. The former Vampires Everywhere! Facebook page had it's name changed to The Killing Lights, where the band then pursued to write and record their Self-Titled EP debut, as well as played a few showcases here and there. Through all of that, including release not one but two music videos for "Lies Spread Like Fire" and "Until I Bleed". Things began to die down for the band, not making many posts upon social media until recently.

Michael Vampire's social media updated itself with photos of Vampires Everywhere! and mentions to where the name came from, the 1987 film The Lost Boys, among other expressions including lines from the film and the band's lyrical context. But what does it all mean? The band did release an EP "Lost In Shadows" and two full-lengths "Kiss The Sun Goodbye" and "Hellbound and Heartless", more tunes and shows of their revival is on the way perhaps?

Well only time will tell for sure! Be on the look out for more to be announced soon!

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