American Standard's Corey Talks of Hungry Hands?

 American Standards has been keeping themselves busy as of late. Working upon a new release an EP of sorts called "Hungry Hands", with plans to follow it up with a full-length in due time, that the current timing will be used towards playing shows and touring. Guitarist Corey Skowronski talks of the EP and those plans of touring and show playing and more!

1. Let us get started by filling in our readers as to what the band has been up to in the past year.

Corey: Well, this past year a lot has happened. I mean, we've recorded and released the Hungry Hands EP, we got our new drummer Tommy, and we have been playing a lot of shows around Arizona as well as outside the state.

2. Can you give those of us who aren't familiar with American Standards a brief history of the band and can you please describe your sound for those who have yet to hear your music?

Corey: The band was started about four and a half years ago. The members at that time got a hold of Brandon for vocals and I was soon after picked up from my Craigslist ad looking to play bass. Then it went from there, playing some big fests, going on tour, recording demos and EPs. Soon after the original three left leaving me and Brandon to continue on. I since have moved to guitar and we grabbed Steve for bass and now Tommy for drums. As for our sound, since the beginning, I personally never claimed that American Standards was a hardcore band. We do have some influences and characteristics of one but I believe we are with out a doubt a punk rock band. A new age punk rock band.

3. The name American Standards conveys the thought of standards in America, which standards may those be? Was it hard to decide on that name?

Corey: I joined after the name was decided on. Story goes that Brandon was tossing back and forth ideas as for a band name. He then needed to take a leak and in mid-evacuation of himself he looked down and saw the name on the toilet, American Standard. After further thought the name American Standards was decided. Personally there’s no real double entendre about the name. Be it the style of music that's called american standard, or it being a sneaky way of us expressing our political beliefs. It’s a name.

4. Could you take us through the writing process of American Standards? How does one of your epic songs come to be?

Corey: Well it begins, for me, on guitar just writing what comes; Thinking of guitar riffs or a bass lines, anything. Then taking those ideas to rehearsal and working on them together as a band going through and picking out things we like and tweaking other in different ways to see what comes. Once we have a rough draft of a song we continue and see what other things we can add to make it special. It doesn't stop there, once in the studio Brandon’s always thinking of different vocal patterns for the songs and just other ways of adding to it be it different instruments or different way of singing/screaming.

5. What does "Hungry Hands" mean to you all?

Corey: To me it’s a real stepping stone for us. It’s the first time I've ever been able to really write songs for the band. I think it shows where we’re heading as a group and how our sound is evolving.

6. What's your favorite song on "Hungry Hands" right now?

Corey: I personally like Circus Rats more so for the recording process. I mean our friend came and recorded the whistling of a full wine glass for the song. Banjos were played, empty beer bottle were used as percussion instruments. The whole thing was very Tom Waits in a sense.

7. What plans do you have for the future as a band?

Corey: Well as of right now we've just been writing new jams and playing show as much as possible. We Have our small tour coming up in April, where we’re heading through California to Seattle, Then back through Boise, SLC, and Las Vegas. once back we’ll most likely be heading into the studio to start recording.

8.  Anything you'd like to say to your fans?

Corey: Be excellent to each other.

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