CANNIBAL CORPSE Releases New Song "The Murderer's Pact"

CANNIBAL CORPSE, has released a new song their sixth in fact off their new album "A Skeletal Domain" called "The Murderer's Pact" via empire sound portal, Loudwire. Comments Loudwire: "The band has been spewing out death metal for over twenty-five years, and A Skeletal Domain, much like CANNIBAL CORPSE's first twelve albums, takes no prisoners. Clocking in at over five minutes, 'The Murderer's Pact' showcases some awesome musicianship from the band's instrumental sections along with an interesting song structure. For fans of George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher, you're in for a treat, as well. The vocalist also delivers with his trademark grunt, showing no signs of vocal rust whatsoever." Check out the song HERE.

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