Us Amongst The Rest - Follow The Truth

Alternative four piece, Us Amongst The Rest had been hard at work, writing and recording spending hours on end upon their debut album "Follow The Truth".  Which includes lead single and video for "Bring The Fuel", which hands down is that adrenaline punch that keeps the fist punching at a higher rate with other track selections like "Fields Of Fray", "Blood In Me", "Unforgettable", "Risen", and "Falling Skies", are quite a bit to include in such a variety offered here.

While these songs are those fist punching hitters, a lot of them keep that intense yet emotional passion, if it isn't the lyrical context then it is the instrumental patterns, each entanglement works and it works to its fullest function. The songs are catchy, intense, easy listening, bringing to mind that of Papa Roach's hard rocking roots to Bullet for my Valentine's edger roles, you get the half and half and it works as said to its fullest function possibility which is good to say the least.

Us Amongst The Rest's debut does as the title suggest which is "Follow The Truth" and that's all that is here, truthfulness, it's an album that is passionate, energetic,  mellow dramatic, intense, it offers it all, for that modern day rocker, to the hard rockstar embedded within you, if your into some sort of rock n' roll music genre, then this is the group for you.

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