Sandness - Like An Addiction

No matter how you look at it music has it's ways of getting around, rock n' roll, hard rock, sleaze, glam metal, heavy metal. all of these genres plus others have all traveled across the globe more than once and for Italian rockstars Sandness, they have unleashed their debut album "Like An Addiction". It features 11-tracks all consisting of that hard rock, heavy metal inspiration especially with songs like "Artificial Lover", "Bad Things Cause Bad Things", "Darkness Around Me", and "Pay What You Say", all provide that pure style spoken here. A similarity of acts can be heard from Crashdiet, Poison, Judas Priest, and even some AC/DC, which says a lot. Sandness's debut release features an array of content and context, lyrically too, having their context be emotionally setting, where you can relate to what's being said no matter how it's explained. If you're looking for a good time with music then this release is the one for you, because it provides a sense of pride and passion within all of its formula of music.

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