Dirty Attic - The One-Eyed King

The metal genre has an array of sub genres in particular the "core" genre known as hardcore, metalcore, deathcore, is introducing another core to its line-up, one Dirty Attic calls "AcoustiCore". It's still true to the core genre except, they have a clean acoustic guitar being the lead guitar in play, than the usual electric lead guitar. This makes "The One-Eyed King" a rather unique release.

While "The One-Eyed King" is their debut effort consisting of 11-tracks a few of those do indeed stand out which includes; "The Fallen", "Collapse", "Live Forever", and "What Is Real". These bring out that catchy yet upbeat tone that keeps the music flowing right along, like "The Fallen", "Collapse" and "Live Forever" are play a part from one another, making that set of songs captivating and melodic with their musical traits and skill set. The vocals done on "What Is Real", is brutal yet clean cut, while it is intense and the instrumentals are present, it makes it one of the songs that again stands out but it takes that extra step if you will, making it more ear popping to the listener.

Dirty Attic's debut release is intense, mellow driven, and easy listening all at once, making their musical abilities front and center. Them easily able to master what has been played here and craft it into something even better on future material, hands down no problem.

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