The World To Come Gets Signed

Famined Records has signed the progressive metal band The World To Come. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, the four piece group formed in 2011 with the push from guitarist Shane Griffin. The idea behind the band was to create a sense of ambiance and emotion, exploring the music aesthetic. Vocalist Luis Menchaca had this to say about their recent signing: “We are excited to be signed to Famined Records and take the next step as a band to further our reach and share the music we love to write. In the future we plan on releasing our album called “The Cartesian” which will be a full length. Lyrically and musically we hope to capture “The Cartesian” philosophy pertaining to entities of the mind, body and soul while traveling throughout the world and time.” The band has just released a new playthrough of their single, “Anomalies.” Check out the video below.


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