Terminatryx - Shadow

Industrial metal has a variety of styles, for Terminatryx they take this style and fuse it with alternative metal to create a blend of their own, they like to call "Shadow" their second studio album. This album blends these two genres into soothing yet groovy melodies with upbeat tempos and entrancing lyrics that really captures the mood of the music.

While it's been twelve years for them and six years since the release of their self-titled debut album, these South African metallers keep their music skills active with such songs like "Holy", "Scars", and "Gone". As said, there's plenty of groovy melodies with various upbeat tactics that keeps the music flowing right along, never making it repetitive or boring. Each song brings a uniqueness and craftsmanship to their skill set and mind set making the two think alike, that makes the music work so well.

The band does well with this follow-up release and they are clearly doing everything in their power the right way than the wrong way. Other typical female fronted goth, industrial, operatic musical skills blend together too often if not too much, making the style sound mashing than pleasing. Terminatryx avoids that and it shows hands down.

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