About Abortions Sticks their Problems with Issues of Sorrow, Death, and Misery

Two man duo About Abortions is a DSBM (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal) group that's dealt with issues more than you know, by coping with these issues and conditions they have used them to create this style of music. They have released songs, played live for as much as they can withstand, and have future plans to release more songs, releases, and playing live even for longer time lengths. The duo themselves Solitudo Cyfer (Vocals, Guitar & Bass) and Thirteen Forever (Vocals, Drums & Piano) discusses their past, present, and futures with this group and the problems they face within.

1. Why did you turn to using Depressive Suicidal Black Metal or DSBM as your genre of choice?

Solitudo: Because we reflect ourselves using this kind of music atmosphere with heavy and repetitive sounds that are accompanied by agonized voices that expresses all of the suffering that unfortunately accompanies us. By now, for a lifetime because of our physical and mental conditions.

2. Does your duo suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts? If so, do you do anything to overcome those illness's and if not what do you have to say to those that do?

Thirteen: Yes. Both of us suffer from depression and other mental disorders such as Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, Solitudio, Disorder Borderline and Bipolar which I suffer from. These disorders cause acute phases of Psychosis, Mania, Depression, Catatonia and Insomnia, and therefore often lead us from self-harm to real Suicide Attempts (I, for example have already made 6). It is not easy to fight against these diseases, because there isn't a real cure; they can only be kept under control with the medicines which, however are not always effective, then the disorders resurface spite of the care. We aren't doctors, and therefore we don't feel the persons best qualified to make a judgment to deal with these diseases, the only thing we can say is "when you fail in any way to control your problems, try to turn them into something constructive or artistic as we are doing, because we're using our problems and our mental diseases to create music. "

3. Your band decided to be a duo instead of a trio or full fledged act, so why go in this direction with being a duo act?

Solitudo: From 2008 to 2010 we tried to form a band of 4 elements and for a certain period of time it did work. But after a serious car accident that happened to Thirteen (at the time it was just our drummer) the other two members had abandoned us. We had to wait about 2 more years because of the rehabilitation of Thirteen, causing us to again reform the band using several elements but unfortunately, this genre was so underground and not widely known and used by local musicians, so although Thirteen was invalid and had to re-learn from scratch to play the drums (not a common battery for normal people, but a battery specially created for him, for his problems of disable), we wanted to use all of our available means to create a Two-Man-Band and in December 2012 "About Abortions" was born.

4. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there?Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Solitudo: About Abortions was formed in Ferrara, Italy, currently we have a private room where we make the evidence and we record our music, although unfortunately playing live in public, for us, will stay only a dream because of the health problems of Thirteen, which does not allow him to play for long periods of time. The DSBM scene in Italy, isn't very diffused, but there are some good Italian bands doing this genre, such as: "Forgotten Tomb", "Anwech", "DotDotDot (...)", "Apathia", "Beatrik" etc. But, for us, between the best DSBM bands within the international scene there are: the Swedes "Lifelover", the Germans "Through The Pain", the French "Angest Herre", and the Russians "Mélancolie".

5. Can I get a backstory on the band/ band biography?

Solitudo: We met in May 2005, still kids. I, Šimun Žalëyer "Solitudo Cyfer", (born March, 11, 1992 in Bled - Slovenia, I moved to Italy with my family at the age of 8 years) and Leonard Coldridge "Thirteen Forever", (born October, 20, 1990 in Sydney - Australia, he moved to Italy with his single mother at the age of 3 years), we met by chance in a CD shop. We have become best friends, because united by family problems and bullying heavy. Born this beautiful friendship we discovered that both we played, like self-taught, a musical instrument: I, the guitar and him, the drums. So, we started playing together for fun in January 2006.

For about two years we practiced playing together, but we did not think yet to form a real band, because at school we were 2 victims of heavy bullying, I, because of Asperger's Syndrome (mild autism) and Chronic Syndrome of Attention (ADHD), which leads Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia and Thirteen, instead, was targeted because of a genetic disorder called Turner Syndrome, which affects hormones (especially the hormon of growth), the bones and the heart and the person that is affected remains forever with a body and a voice from the eternal teenager of about 13 years (hence the name "Thirteen Forever"); so, we don't ever trusting anyone.

But at the end of 2007 we started to put aside our fears of the people and we began to consider the idea of forming a band of at least 4-5 elements. In early 2008, we found a bassist and a vocals and piano and we formed a band of 4 elements, initially we played only Classic Black Metal, but Me and Thierteen thought already to DSBM genre. This Band was called "Hanging Rope". But towards the end of 2009, Thirteen had a serious car accident that forced him to not play more than the drums for a long time and made him invalid, so in 2010 the 2 add-on's left the band permanently, because they didn't know if the drummer would recover.

Thirteen recovered after a long rehabilitation, where, to compensate the his need to create music, he learned to play the piano and to sing, but he was nonetheless invalid. In any case, his love remained the drums, so, as not to stop playing it, he learned to play a drums for disable, which his Australian father had made build in Sydney specifically for his health problems.  In the meantime, I also learned to play the bass and sing too. So exactly in December, 08, 2012 were born the "About Abortions" our current DSBM Two-Man-Band.

6. Where did the idea for the name About Abortions come into the picture and why was it used? Does your name actually reference About Abortions in anyway or it does not?

Thirteen: The name of our band, "About Abortions," has 2 meanings:

1. The first, is that we see Abortion as a primary form of Assisted Suicide, since no one really knows if the fetus once conceived, really wants to be born or not and since, in the course of our existence, we haven't yet met a person who has not uttered at least once in his life the words " I could not be born!" We firmly believe that any fetus, if it could decide alone, it would choose not to be born, so we see Abortion as Assisted Suicide.

2. The second because the two of us see ourselves as the "Two Miscarriages Of Nature," or the "Two Monsters", because of our physical and mental problems so we chose this name to represent our band.

7. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

Thirteen: The influences that have given us as a band we will quote, "are not influences of musical stamp or voice, in the sense that we have never tried to copy sounds or sung of others, but instead are influences that have inspired our personal DSBM vein, where we tried to stay within of the genre, creating something new and original, different to anything else heard in this scene." We were inspired by "Through The Pain" for the intensity of that pain within his voice to "Mélancolie" for the note of madness in our Scream, to "Kyla" and "Orom" for the sound Drone / Doom, repetitive and haunting of music, to "Lifelover" for the complete innovation and the desire to be different from all the rest and later to the Londoners "Sleeping Peonies" for the intensity and emotion of the sounds and their strange use of the voice and their Blackgaze veins. These are our main inspirations as a DSBM band, although, of course, there are many DSBM bands that always give us new ideas.

8. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Thirteen: Our main themes of the lyrics (I compose myself) are:
Suicide, Death, Mental Disorders, Sickness, Depression, Psychosis, Delirium, Desperation, Obsessions, Solitude, Isolation, Misanthropy, Deep Feelings, Deep Emotions, Rage, Self-Mutilations, Psychiatric Hospital, Rejection Of Life, Pain & Sorrow, Bad People & Motherfuckers (like Bullies and People That hate us).

Not always will the lyrics convey a message that's well defined but rather that we love that the audience can identify within our words, that they are reflected within the same negative sensations and feelings that we all feel is the same. We like for our audience to feel us because from when we play, we have learned that people who are suffering as much as we do, are so much more to it in this world perhaps too much. We want to give them the comfort and tell them that they are not alone.

9. You guys have done a lot of split releases, why did you want to split so much?

Solitudo: Because we are altruists. We like to help other DSBM bands who are less famous than us and make them feel happy and proud of their musical works. Then it would be good to tighten the alliances between the band's of this same genre. But, unfortunately it often happens that when you give so much to help your neighbor and one another you instead thank yourself, turn your back and try ti discredit your band and it's components in every way possible, searching for something to appear that is better and more successful than you (as has happened to us with a DSBM band from Italy / Gibraltar with whom we shared 2 Splits).

10. What's the story behind your single for "Holocaust"?

Thirteen: Some time ago, a friend of ours contacted us, he was a vocalist for another DSBM band, had asked us for a favor. He had a dear friend that was very depressed and wanted to make her a special gift. So, since he isn't a composer of music and lyrics, he had asked us "About Abortions" if we wanted to participate with this gift, by composing the music, lyrics, and vocals of the song that he wanted to devote to this girl. So of course since this girl to whom he would make the dedication too was our friend, he asked us to inspire the lyrics as much as possible to the personality of her life. In the meantime, we composed the song, we have made friends with another girl, who also had problems of depression so we realized that the lyrics created for the other girl was suited also for her. So with the best intent to make the two girls happy we had created the single and song for "Holocaust".

11. Do you have any new music in the works in terms of a follow-up to your previous releases?

Solitudo: Yes, we have 2 new songs planned for the Umpteenth split and we're starting to work on the new full-length album. But for now, we're backing tracks that we yet to complete due to improvement, so we will have other material ready in time. So in any case, the ideas aren't lacking so we hope to finish the new album and music by the end of next year.

12. Do you play live as well? If so, how's your live activity so far?

Solitudo: Unfortunately, "About Abortions," will never be able to play live because of the physical health problems we suffer from. Thirteen cannot play the drums for more than a few minutes at a time therefore, it's absurd for us to hire some session musicians to do what we usually do alone, so I think playing live will remain only as a beautiful dream.

13. Has About Abortions ever played in the States or plan to do so in the future?

Solitudo: No, we have never played live not even in the States and we will never be able to do so even if we liked it too much we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it.

14. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Thirteen: Surely the market will see new music, including we hope many full-length releases. We have had a dream for a long time of making one of our songs into an official video. We have a lot of ideas for one that we will not discard any of it. Even the creation of our own custom merch is an idea we would like to achieve as soon as possible but of course these things take time and money that we do not have at the current time. But what we do have is the future.

15. Anything else you would like to say or want to add?

Thirteen & Solitudo: The Depressive Suicidal Black Metal (DSBM) is a genre that should be created, even in its smallest note, with the heart and not just with the technique. It should be played with the inner despair and sang with tears in their eyes and the screams that you break with your throat, because by putting true despair, in every single element, you can feel the pain every day. Others should be able to relate to your pain and recognize themselves in your songs, hearts, and souls, because it's the only way to be able to say if it's real or only a pathetic simulation of crying, screams, and pain that isn't really authentic enough. We love all the people that can understand this concept...We make DSBM for you!!! Many Hailz to Everybody by Solitudo Cyfer & Thirteen Forever of  "About Abortions"

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