A Midnight Tragedy - Lost Under Infinite Sorrow

A Midnight Tragedy's "Lost Under Infinite Sorrow" would see the band at what would be their third full-length album to date, since their start-up the band has seen line-up changes, touring treks, playing showcases, to writing and recording music that lead down to this latest installment.

This release was produced by Anthony Santo of the Westfall Recording Company, what he would bring to the table for these guys, would be creativity like nothing ever heard before, it shows crystal clear and is hands down remarkable, clean cut material of pure rock n' roll mixed with some heavy metal inspirations blended in to sound a lot like Avenged Sevenfold meets Aiden.

Some of the songs that stood out the most would have to be "Nightmare", "Time To Rise", "Torment", "Louder Than Words", and "Rapture".  The instrumental work is done well, the guitars and bass are catchy enough, while the drumming backs those up, being just as catchy if not slightly catchier, whereas the vocal chords are very upbeat, keeping the beat of the music flowing right along as each song plays on through. Lyrical context is heartfelt, sorrowful, and on the edge at times, making the emotions run through you like butter cuts through with the use of a knife.

A Midnight Tragedy's third release is upbeat, catchy, and has its moments that drawn you in with each time you listen, you get struck with emotion that are there as soon as the music portrays itself.

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