Hateful Desolation - Withering In Dust

Black metal has been an on and off route with me some of it is good some of it is bad. But black metal isn't just a standalone genre it has it's subplots as well, for interest depressive black metal combines those elements with atmospheric to create an act they call Hateful Desolation with a brief demo entitled "Withering In Dust". The demo is indeed brief consisting of only 3-tracks, 2 of which come off the band's yet to be released album while the 3rd track is bonus addition, any way you listen to it, this is like all the other black metal acts available, these guys expressing that high pitched growl, with mellow dramatic instrumentals that crypts the environment with ease and harmony yet intensifies it. The vocals are appealing with the instrumentals just as compelling making Hateful Desolation an act to follow through on, in short one to indefinitely check out.

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