Ceiling Of Anvers - We All Live In Balance

Only having been around for a short while, Ceiling Of Anvers released their first single "The Oracle", which would later be found upon their debut EP "We All Live In Balance". The 5-track release contains Djent influences of various metal from hardcore metal, to screamo metal to plain old regular metal, the instrumentals are played out with breakdowns and a lot of screams, that repeat every other second. While the instrumentals are decent quality, the lyrical context discusses a continuous agonizing search of a man, there is no name, age, or location given of this "said man" but he's treated as a natural person, that's stuck in-between a location known only as Earth and the subconscious. While all of this works swell together, it does allow the band to create, expanding on what's placed here, they can surely reach the distance with expressing their music creativity, ever so further it's not unlikely they won't do so eventually.

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