Arrival Of Autumn - Shadows

Having worked with these guys for the past 2 years going on 3 soon enough Arrival Of Autumn, has discussed their music creations from their debut EP "Endless Nights" to their debut release "Shadows". While things have evolved and developed for them, a lot of that can indeed be found upon this release, especially on their singles "The Court of Owls", and "Labyrinth". The vocals for one, are clean cut, your able to enjoy the melody and vocal tone while the screaming portions occur every so often. This effect is catchy and effective because it balances the two of them out, you have that mellow dramatic intensity at once. Now the instrumentals for these tracks and the album itself, are just like the vocals, there catchy, mellow, yet intense, allowing both to work together, to develop the music, having it build as each song progresses. "Shadows" is an album that stands out, having that building effort that layers the music as a whole, making it become a listening experience that will build upon itself.

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