Auroch - From Forgotten Worlds

The metal scene may or may not be familiar with H.P. Lovecraft but for some that do recognize the name it could be because of these acts, Metallica’s “Call Of Ktulu” inspired by Lovecrafts’ “Call Of Cthulu”, Dream Theater’s “The Dark Eternal Night” inspired by Lovecrafts’ story “Nyarlathotep”, or perhaps more recently, Black Dahlia Murder’s “˜Thy Horror Cosmic’ and “˜Throne Of Lunacy’. Lovecrafts’ macabre work is a pretty perfect fit for some excellent storytelling atop some vile music.

As such this brings us to Auroch who have released their debut effort entitled "From Forgotten Worlds" this release having a huge influence on the band especially within the lyrical context. A lot of the tunes focusing on this with tunes like "The Hound", "Fleshless Ascension (Paths Of Dawn)", "Dregs of Sanity", and "Bloodborne Conspiracy", all are crafted into the H.P. Lovecraft material, also being entangled with the heavy fast riffs, constant drum beats with roaring vocals that sends chills running up and down your spine.

This release is not one to be taken light but the quality of production is creative and heavy duty throughout. Auroch is an act unlike the rest and is surly to be another topper within the metal scene as we know it.

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