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Brutal couldn't get more heavier than with Century Media Record's latest additions the Grand Supreme Blood Court! With their history being quite massive as it were the band has seen past it and moved forward with an all new release called "Bow Down Before The Blood"  is literally punishing and unpretentious death metal of five veterans who just do what they do best – honest and uncompromising death metal is simply what you get. Guitarist Eric Daniels took the time to discuss the band's origin story of their past, how the song writing is done within their atmosphere, and just what the deal is with the almighty death metallers known only as GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT!

1. Can you give me a brief summary as to how the band came about?

Bob Bagchus - Drums
Martin van Drunen - Vocals
Alwin Zuur - Guitars
Eric Daniels - Guitars
Theo van Eekelen – Bass

The original idea was to do an project with the name The Company Of Undertakers. The reason it was not lifted from the ground was the busy schedule and commitments of everyone in this project. Some riffs kept laying down, nothing picked up, also some complete song-parts. The long distance between our home-towns also wasn't very lucrative. But after a while Bob, Martin and myself we looked through the material we made that time ago, went into the rehearsal-room and finished two complete songs. Those songs also are being recorded on the album. Because this was a new start and beginning, Martin came up with the name Grand Supreme Blood Court. It was born and to be meant as an band of its own, not a project-status anymore.

2. What’s the origin of the band’s name?

Well, the origin of the band’s name is the combination between the Grand Jury and the Supreme Court. But the Blood Court did exist and perhaps it exists although still in current time. The whole idea behind this concept to create an album which the song titles match with this idea, music-wise and the lyrics as well. Martin created the band-name and his expertise to write the lyrics and song titles as the album title as well.

3. How did you get signed with Century Media Records?

We had offers from 3 record companies, they were interested in GSBC. As you’re right, according to the past relationship with Century Media, and they were the ones who really took interest and had some sort of schedule how to release the album. It’s a big family, very professional and the relationship is friendship. They know what they want from us, and we know what to expect from them, although they surprises us in a nice way every time. The people there are hard workers, dedicated to the right kind of metal, and with a kind way of correspondence. That all, made us decide to get involved to build up the relationship between band and record company. I've always worked with them in the early asphyx-years and it felt comfort. So never change a winning team!

4. What inspired the album title and is it a concept album?

The album is an concept-album about the Blood Court.  All lyrics are bounded together for this idea. Martin wrote the whole concept. It is too much detail to tell about the lyrics but the main inspiration is that the Blood Court is coming on earth, don’t know where it came from, and will judge everyone inside the court a brutal death. When you are picked out and dragged inside the court you know already going to die. Which way you’re gonna die you don’t know that’s the decision about the grand jury and judges. After the task is done for the Blood Court it will vanish to another place nobody knows where to. This is the story for the album like a comic is written for it, packed in brutal lyrics and of course music.

5. What are your songs about? What specific themes do they cover?

The songs reflect pure agony, horror and the story about the Blood Court. One song is about “Public Castration”, to give attention towards child-abusers and how the Blood Court will deal with this sick persons. The main concept about the lyrics are the hate we feel against the things in life we dislike most, and the virtual Court which gonna verdict this. Combined with the brutal music this whole album fits like the lyrics part and the music part.

6. Do you write your own songs? Can you discuss the songwriting process in detail?

Yes we write our own songs. Alwin, Bob and me we together composed and arranged all the songs for the record. 2 songs were made earlier, and those ones we did Martin, Bob and me to made them definite. About 2 years ago I started to compose riffs and recorded them into my pc, made mp3 from that sent to Bob and Martin, they liked it right away and they were feeling good I was becoming back to make music again. Together Alwin and I we did the most riff writing, we are a golden tandem as said, we know each other what we like and the best way to compose the riffs together. You will hear two guitars on the album, just that extra touch to complete the songs. That we have many possibilities in future to make solid good songs. First I collect the best riffs I made, recorded them at home, and sent it to the other guys.

Together Bob and I discuss on how a song begins and what kind of song we want to make, like mid tempo or doom-like begin of a song. We work that out, and just see how the riffs fits together. On the writing process for this album, Alwin and I did compose a lot together. Most riffs I made however Alwin his ideas and riffs fitted with mine and when I was stuck he filled in exactly. The structure inside the band is very open. Everyone can ventilate their idea’s, it’s not from 1 person only. I like it this way, cause the feeling we all like the definite songs is much more right. The goal is to make the best songs together. Cause I had more time, due to the busy schedules of the other boys, it was natural that I made a lot of riffs. It was relax to do so on this way. Alwin has the skills to make demo-songs at home. We played the guitars live in the computer, and he made the songs ready with computer bass and drums, to get the idea of the song and the counts of the riffs. It was fun and thrilled to do so. We did all 10 songs this way, and when we decide the songs are final, we record all songs in studio with the guide of the demo-songs. We recorded at Sonic Assault studio with Frank as engineer, and it was nice to do so.

7. Who are your musical influences?

old POSSESSED we like most to give an idea where we put inspiration. Bob and I we are really huge horror/thriller movie freaks. Also that atmosphere which created in those movies we use in our music.

8. How would you describe your music to people?

Brutal, heavy, mid-tempo changed with doom-parts, songs with a drive, music played with the heart and souls.

9. What image do you think your music conveys?

Horror, death, excitement, rough, raw, to the bone!

10. What are your expectations for this CD?

The real fans to dig this one up, play the good live-shows, opportunities to continue our music, and the most important item….satisfy our fans.

11. What are your upcoming tour plans?

No touring plans considering the busy schedule of everyone involved in GSBC. We do live-shows, our first show is on the 1st of December in Ingolstadt Germany, the premiere-show of GSBC; also the chance is big we play at the Party San next summer. We do like to play the festival shows and some club-shows too.

12. Thanks for doing the interview do you want to say anything to your fans?

Thank you Natalie for this interview. To our American death-thrashers and beyond, I would say, check our album, check the concept of the album, the Blood Court takes no prisoners, we only sentences you to…real doom death/metal! You RULE, and respects from my side ! Cheerz & Greetz, hope we visit the US someday to spread this pure and honest brutality!

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