Adrenechrome - Hideous Appetites

On Adrenechrome's release "Hideous Appetites", an array of riffs, drum attics, vocal ranges, just everything you could or would want to hear on a thrash metal release is put to work. Opener "Titans Fall", with other songs like "Hymn for the Heathens", "Locust Wings", and "The Horror", give it a superior balance and quality as well as depth. The musical inspiration these guys have taken in can indeed be heard on this release, the classy feel of Pantera with the thrasher rants of Warbringer. The energy is constantly flawless yet never ending. A variety of acts and styles can be heard here which makes this act that more unique! Nevertheless Adrenechrome can surly produce the thrash metal genre like no tomorrow and surly got more in-store that's for sure!

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