Sarah D the DIY Solo Starlight

Full on DIY solo artist Sarah D originated from Adelaide, Australia and began singing and dancing at the age of 9. By the age of 12 she joined a performance group from then on things just began to take off for her popping up at every turn. Now she has a EP debut showcasing her latest talents as an artist and as a person.

1. What type of band are you?

Sarah: I am a FULL DIY solo artist, with no manager, no label backing me. Therefore, I am really free and open to do what genre I feel best doing. Having grown up to a lot of Pop music, I gravitate mostly towards this genre. My music is a blend of edgy Pop/Rock with an added dance element, using analog synths, making it extremely radio friendly. You can compare it to the latest works of Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5 and Jessie J.

2. Tell us the brief history of your band.

Sarah: I'm originally from Adelaide, Australia and started singing and dancing at the age of 9. By the age of 12, I joined a performance group where we were hired to entertain at all sorts of live events, corporate functions and competitions. Being one of the very few entertainment groups within Adelaide, we were always hired to do a bunch of work. However, when I was 15, I started to take my singing a little more seriously and started venturing off to work my instrument. For years I'd trained, however, when I saw Musician's Institute in Hollywood, I knew this is where I wanted to be to get my ideal training. And I'm glad I did!! in 2010 I came to study and graduated in March this year. Since then I have been working hard on developing my writing skills, vocal technique and artist development. I've also completed my debut EP - 'Over You', won the 2012 VocalizeU scholarship and placed a song in an independent feature film.

3. Did you celebrate Halloween this year if so what did you end up doing and did you dress up?

Sarah: This year I decided to back off the Halloween celebrations and I'm glad I did!!!! Hollywood was too crazy!! Instead, I had a wine and cheese night with some friends and watched concert videos. I sound like a grandma saying that, but I had fun! :P

4. You had a EP release party last month how did that go for you?

Sarah: The release party was such a great success!!! I ended up surprising myself with how well the night turned out to be! It was a full house and everyone really admired how well structured and organized my sister and I were. She helped me put the whole thing together and MC'd the night. The night however, definitely wouldn't have been possible without my great donators from my FUND page who helped raised over $2,000 for the event and my sponsors: Vito Esposito Salon, Amoeba Music, AMC Theatres, Outback Steakhouse and Republic Of pie!

5. Tell me about the EP what's it called and about?

Sarah: I named the EP after my single "Over You". It's a bit more of a personal EP  which covers a particular time in my life that I was going through - a hard relationship that's completely over and done. Though it was upsetting, at the end of the day, I'm the type that won't let things bring me down and I tried to convey this through songs such as 'Over You' and 'Gone'. 'Stand Up' sounds like a song where somebody has cheated on me, however, it's the overall feeling that I felt while being in that relationship. 'Make The World' is probably the happiest tune about finding love in an everyday situation. Though you may not know someone personally, you gravitate towards them, feeling some sort of connection. All in all, I tried to create songs that are relatable and danceable.

6. Who are some of your musical influences you look up to lately?

Sarah: I have a number of influences!! Definitely Michael Jackson is one of them. Being King Of Pop, he knew what made a great song and how to connect with his audience. he was so great on many levels. I love powerful women with great voices such as again, Kelly Clarkson, Jessie J, Carrie Underwood, Pink and Natasha Beddingfield. They're talented and have great songs which inspire me to continue writing new material!

7. Do you write your own songs if so what themes do they cover?

Sarah: I do write my own songs as this is the one things I'm trying to improve on. Before I came to LA, I wrote a bunch of little poems here and there, but never any songs. If I did, I'd never finish them! When I came to LA, this was when I started to write so I'm still learning so many things and it excites me! I tend to lean towards writing empowering songs, whether it be about situations dealing with relationships or knowing your value, those kinds of themes really inspire me. As a person, I'm really strong minded, honest and merely tell it like it is, and I believe this comes across in my music. I'm also sarcastic and fun and try not to take serious situations too seriously! When I master how to write a love song without being too cheesy I'll probably start to love them more :P

8. Which of your own songs is your favorite?

Sarah: I really love "Gone". It was one of my first songs I wrote and I was really proud of it. It's gone through so many stages and arrangements and it's cool to hear it in such a different arrangement now! Andres Torres, my producer and I wanted to do something different with it by adding the little reggae intro and bridge as it's still something fresh but different from what you may normally hear!

9. Vinyl records, cassettes, CDs or downloads? (regardless of current popularity).

Sarah:  I still really like CD's. I remember how excited I'd get to buy a full album and to have the little booklet inside with all the song lyrics and extra pictures of that artist or band. It was a like a present!!  I understand that people want things quickly now, hence the reason for downloads but I feel like we could get more of an EXPERIENCE with CD's I don't know, maybe I'm just weird!

10. Playing live or recording in studios?

Sarah: I love to play live! You get the entire experience live! From the songs, to the musicians, the lights, the atmosphere everything! For me, nothing will beat the experience of actually being in that moment and place!

11. Your favorite show that you played till date?

Sarah: Every show I do is always fun and lately I've been doing a lot of acoustic shows with my guitarist, Ramon Blanco. However, with my full band, I'd say the release party for sure!! It was such a special night and a really big achievement for me so I was so proud of myself for being able to get all of it organized!! Also, to be able to share a room with friends and industry people made it all that more special!!!!

12. Tell us a story about a day in your life.

Sarah: The everyday DIY musician life isn't always fun, but it's as fun as you make it! My day usually consists of a workout in the morning, followed by replying and sending a bunch of emails to book shows or set up interviews etc. I then do a bunch of promoting in the morning on my Twitter and Facebook to keep my fans engaged. My day also consists of a daily vocalizing routine to keep my cords in top form as well as studying/practicing new songs in my repertoire. Additionally, I have a book called 'Hit Song Analysis' and I pick 2 songs a day and break them down to study and write at the things that make those songs hits and why they work. Usually then I'd read (I love to read!). My books are usually music business books of songwriting books! I normally finish the night by going out to a show to network or have a quiet night in and write!! I love to write at night!

13. What inspires you to do what you do?

Sarah: The fact that no matter what I put my mind to, I can have or do inspires me most. I believe if you work hard enough and keep it consistent there will be results! Additionally, the support I've been getting from so many people keeps me pushing everyday cause I know I must be doing something right and it can only get better from here! I'm excited for the next few chapters to unravel

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