Picture Me Broken's Brooklyn is Wide Awaken

Artistic vision, intricate musicianship, dark, poetic lyrics exploring heavy, controversial topics and a profound message are the very essence of Picture Me Broken, a breath of fresh air band that shatters any "young band" or "female-fronted" stereotypes. While Picture Me Broken is mostly comprised of 18-year-olds, they are one of the few bands right now trying to bring back true artistry in this trend-dominated music scene.

Frontwoman Layla "Brooklyn" Allman refuses to be placed in a category with other "rock chicks" or female lead singers as she draws most of her influence from male artists and believes that women should be just as dynamic. She goes on to say that the band are hard at work on their next full-length release as well as what can be expected on their upcoming EP release "Mannequins". Picture Me Broken is for the newer generation and that's just how they like it.

1. Picture Me Broken tell me the tale as to how that name came into the picture and what does it mean?

Brooklyn: Picture Me Broken has always been a band with darker lyrical imagery and when I was selecting a band name I wanted to represent this. I think music is the best means for reflection upon the darker portion of human nature that is inherently inside each and every one of us.

2. You guys were signed to Standby Records, how did you get signed to that label?

Brooklyn: Well, they had some paper and I had a pen!

3. How do you think being in LA changes your sound?

Brooklyn: LA didn't change our sound by any means, growth and personal evolution did. I suppose being LA's largest influence lies in the fact that it makes you hungrier to fulfill your artistic visions and be the best.

4. You guys have played with a lot of great bands, which would you say is your favorite?

Brooklyn: I think we have yet to open for one of those bands that had a really huge impact on me as an artist, I definitely look forward to that day. At this point, I would say that I had wonderful experiences opening for Saosin and Atreyu.

5. If you have to pick a band to tour with from the Standby Records label, who would it be and why?

Brooklyn: I think Davey Suicide is a talented artist with great vision.

6. How did you come together?

Brooklyn: This band originally formed on a playground in 7th grade. My bass player Austin is still a member of the band that's part of that history. Picture Me Broken really came about as a result of seeking passionate artists and separating who was die hard committed to this project and who wasn't. I've been fortunate enough to always have access to stellar musicians.

7. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Brooklyn: I cover a myriad of themes lyrically all originating as sort of a manifestation of my own emotional composition and persistent thoughts and struggles. I like writing about people, it helps me decode them and why they affect me. I enjoy drawing inspiration from literature, plays, films and writers who strike me. I think religion is also a common theme you'll notice in PMB songs as that's a point of fascination for me.

8. Where did the title "Mannequins" come from?

Brooklyn: "Mannequins" is a metaphor for a false artistic figure. How clothing and makeup gimmicks are on people's radars far more than the artistic content itself. How labels will tell you how to wear your hair as they sit back and watch phony internet figures who lack any sort of artistic sensibilities brainwash kids into emotionally investing in their gimmick. The artist is cut up and altered so they can be a t-shirt selling machine while true art falls to the wayside further perpetuating the death of the industry. I think we're sort of poking fun at the artists and people of the industry who choose to run their operation in this way. Our title track on this EP is very satirical and meant to shed light on this subject as it's been something this band has faced and fought for since the commencement of the writing process for this EP/Album.

9. What can you tell me about the "Mannequins" EP?

Brooklyn: I think we're exploring some interesting concepts conceptually and have become sonic-ally more advanced since our last release. I think people will find our new music to be entirely refreshing.

10. Your new album is called "Corrupt Me" what inspired the album title? Is it a concept album?

Brooklyn: Growing up in the music industry I noticed how innocent motives to make music and art can turn into something entirely different when you start to reach a certain level. It becomes about so much more bullshit that ruins the innocence of a 16 year old kid who likes writing songs. The album narrates my experience and mental evolution facing all my dream entails. I think to a certain degree you need corruption to counter naivety to allow for growth and knowledge. On a different level, I think Picture Me Broken stands for creating music that isn't afraid of offending people or making them feel dark, ugly or evil emotions and thoughts.

11. Where are you in the recording process of the new album?

Brooklyn: The album has been wrapped since last February but since we decided to put out an EP we'll be writing a few more songs to fill the album back out. I'm quite excited that we get to add on to it as we've grown so much since then and are happy to be able to apply some new found songwriting knowledge to this release.

12. Who is producing the album?

Brooklyn: This album was produced by David Bendeth.

13. Where are you recording the album?

Brooklyn: Our recording process took place in a little studio called House of Loud in New Jersey. A lot went down for this band inside of those walls but we came out stronger.

14. How would you describe the overall sound of the new album? How does it compare to "Mannequins" and "Wide Awake"?

Brooklyn: It's like comparing apples to oranges, really. We're a different band now, that's the best way I can put it. We write bigger choruses, write smarter and abandoned gimmicks and trends sincerely focusing on what was best for each individual song. The album is completely bipolar, we broke rules and didn't care who we were "selling to" and did what we wanted.

15. Can we expect more screaming on this upcoming release?

Brooklyn: There will never be as much screaming as there was on "Wide Awake", Picture Me Broken is so much more than a "chick screamer".

16. Are you using any new instrumentation you've never used in the recording process before?

Brooklyn: We're definitely synth heavy at times, which I love. We have three new band members, I think that's the most dramatic change instrumentally.

17. Did the band have any definitive goals they were shooting for before the recording process began for this album?

Brooklyn: Our goals were to grow into something that could stand strong without a scene to lean on. I think we accomplished this sonic-ally.

18. Do you feel any pressure for this follow-up?

Brooklyn: Music is something I enjoy, I only feel excitement.

19. When can we expect the new album to be released?

Brooklyn: There is no official release date for the album yet. I'm hesitant to say anything concrete because the industry is unpredictable for a young band in our stage of the game.

20. Any last words you want to say to your fans?

Brooklyn: Thank you sincerely for your love and support, be sure to pick up "Mannequins" on Amazon or iTunes out 12/18 and let us know what you think!

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