My Heart To Fear - Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity

My Heart To Fear's "Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity" kicks things off with its video single "Blood Money", that clarifies where the music stands and it's a mixture of metalcore meets post-hardcore having the same blend of breakdowns, fast guitar riff use and screaming growling types of vocal chords that ties it altogether. "Life Under the Stairs", and "Legends Never Die", are one's that tie in together as "Blood Money", had done, using the same type of formula as before except the vocals are more thought out having a crisp clear sound with the screaming attics. "Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity" is one of those releases that keeps the breakdowns, guitar riffs, and screaming all in track with one another keeping it tied tightly as each song happens one after the other.

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