Casino Madrid Tour for the Holidays!

California locals some make it to the top while others fall to the bottom, for San Diego Californians Casino Madrid they are just getting started or have been since their formation a few years back. With two releases under their belts an EP entitled "For Kings and Queens" and debut full-length "Robots" and another on the horizon there is no stopping them whatsoever!

Thus this brings them to a headlining mini run of dates on a touring trek that brought out other local bands within the state of striking as well as another up-and-coming act called A Bullet For Pretty Boy from Texas. These acts hitting the road on this brief trek brought the crowds both big and small and their California terrain came to a stop at the Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park!

Having been an attendant at this venue before the bands would normally perform on the stage throughout the night but for tonight the last two acts brought the stage to the floor having their set-ups and equipment literally placed on the floor. Stage boxes to stand on were placed along the floor while the poster stand-outs were stood up against the backboards of the stage itself having the guitar stands and keyboard stands also lining along the floor plan making this a very unique ordeal.

A Bullet For Pretty Boy kept jumping up and down throughout their set having their material sound not so bad when performed in a live setting but their recordings do get the job done better. Vocalist Danon Saylor really put in the effort in his performance while the rest of the guys kept the energy on a maintaining level if you will. The energy was there but the hype wasn't hyper enough.

Soon after came Casino Madrid whose presents has been known since their debut release and signing to The Artery Foundation and Razor & Tie roster, making a good following as fans sported tees, sang along to the lyrics as each of the songs were played. Some of the tunes came off both of the band's releases including songs; "Running With Scissors", "Life Sentencer", "4:42 Reminds Me Of You", "The Devil On My Shoulders Knows How To Party" and "I Want My 25 Minutes of Fame" were just a few of the one's that the band is best known for that really gets those fists pumping and body shaking!

All in all it was a set up unlike any other performed at the Cobalt Cafe which made it that more fun yet even that more unique.

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