Truth Corroded's Greg Worships His Blood....

South Australia's Truth Corroded takes inspiration from the late 80s and 90s thrash acts from Dark Angel, Testament, Kreator, Exodus, Slayer, as well as Lamb Of God, Napalm Death, and Neurosis! Bassist Greg Damon caught up to discuss the band's latest album "Worship The Bled", past history, and everything in-between.

1. Tell me where does a name like Truth Corroded come from and what is its meaning?

Greg: The meaning behind TRUTH CORRODED was created by the founding band member Mark Lennard. It means that behind what is often declared as ' truth ' is the hidden agenda of those in a position of power or influence. The inverse of that is that what is the actual truth will corrode the hidden agenda and expose those in a position of power or influence.

2. Your genre of choice is dark extreme thrash metal why take these as your inspiration to want to play music?

Greg: The thrash movement from the late 80's to early 90's and then the follow on thrash / death metal movement of the early to mid 90's is the era that influenced the founding band members to take up music. The bands from that era are still today big influences on our sound, and many of those bands still continue to release incredible albums up to now. The aggression, speed, heaviness and subjects that these bands approached were great influences on what we wanted to achieve, and what we identify with.

3. "Worship The Bled", what does the title represent and is this a concept release?

Greg: The title represents the failure and murderous impact of the major political, religious and economic beliefs that have been followed. The beliefs continue to bleed land and people, murder the future and the title captures the crime. It is not an entirely concept album, the title and artwork are conceptual, and some of the lyrics fit in with the concept, but that is far as it goes, as other subject matter is approached with each song.

4. That release also happens to be your forth in your array of releases, how does this make you feel?

Greg: Each release has seen the band go a step further in profile and opportunity  This album has had an extensive world wide release and has seen the band tour Australia, Japan, SE Asia and Europe in support of the album. This has been the most extensive touring the band has done so far.

5. What's the music scene like in Australia? Do you have any band recommendations for us to check out?

Greg: It is in constant development. Australian heavy music bands are starting to impact on the international scene, where as up until around 5-10 years ago it had very little impact. Check out Lynchmada, Infiltraitor, Kyzer Soze, The Amenta, Ourobourus, Down royale, Shifting THe Paradigm, Rome, Thy Art Is Murder and you may already know of Psycroptic, but if not you need to.

6. Your "Worship The Bled" has been out for 1 year, have you written anything new since then?

Greg: We are currently working on the bands new album which will be released in mid 2013. The tour cycle for Worship The Bled finished up in November following our Australian tour with FEAR FACTORY. The new material has a blackened thrash sound with a death metal edge.

7. "Knives of the Betrayed" and "Pride of Demise" were the singles and videos you decided with but why what made those songs stand out above the rest?

Greg: Those songs stood out almost from the start - Knives was written as a kick off for the album, and remains my personal favorite from the album. Pride was both a song we knew was - for want of better description - a single song as it has a strong hook, and was likely to be popular as a live song for its energy and heaviness.

8. Can you tell me how you got signed with Truth Inc Records? How does it feel to be a part of their family?

Greg: Well I actually established the label, so it feels like hard work haha. The label has grown since I started it up in 2005, and now represents several bands from Australia and Europe. I am very proud of what the label has achieved, particularly in an age of change in regards to the industry.

9. When it comes to a show who's the one that gets the most hyper on stage?

Greg: Me!!!! Haha. I don't know, we are a unit and it is the sum of each part.

10. What about headbanging who's the one who loves headbanging and what style do you enjoy performing?

Greg: Well we all head bang and give it our all, but Chris our lead guitarist would get the headbanging trophy, as he is the member with longest hair followed by Jason. So they bring the bang mostly haha.

11. How much more can we expect to see from you guys in 2013?

Greg: A new album and a return tour to both Europe and Japan, We also would really like to get back to China - very much and SE ASia. Another aim is to tour South America and the U.S.

12. Anything else you want to add?

Greg: Thank you for the interview and support. Please check the band out at

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