Six Inch's Andy and Kim Discuss the Dark Side of Music

Finland dark rockers Six Inch have got all new music in the works but for the time being their current releases of demo recording's can be heard across the web. Andy and Kim of the band spent some time to discuss the matters of music that can be good or bad however you look at it.

1. Where does a name like Six Inch come from?

It's the Finnish men's average penis size. Maybe couple inches too much but we're not that humble.

2. What's the music scene like in Finland, have any band recommendations?

Too much rap and pop but still quite versatile. We prefer rock and metal and would recommend Stam1na and Amorphis.

3. You've released four different releases over the years which would you say is your best and worst works?

All of the releases are demos but we're working on our debut album at the moment. The quality of the album will be much better and it will be our best release for sure. When talking about demos we can't decide which is the best and the worst.

4. Can you tell me about your demo recording of "Cripple".

Cripple was a demo song that was written in five minutes and recorded in an hour. :D

5. What is the song "Cripple" about?

"I feel myself like a cripple baby!" That's the whole idea. Savvy? ;)

6. Do you have anything else new in the works as of right now?

Amazing debut album and single song with music video.

7. Since your band is a dark rock metal group did you do anything dark and demonic for Halloween?

Andy sucked blood and Kim sucked cock.

8. What about shows is there a tour or any traveling over to the U.S. or nothing is set in stone.

At the moment we have three upcoming gigs in Finland and probably a mini tour in Spain. We're ready to come to the US any time if there is a right kind of promoter there. Arrange us gigs please. ;)

9. Helsinki is your hometown are you familiar or friends with the Helsinki vampires The 69 Eyes?

Position 69 is familiar to the whole band. Nothing to do with Jyrki and the guys. :)

10. What are your songs about? What specific themes do they cover?

The demo songs are all about being an asshole. The album will be poetic and cinematic. While the themes are all gothic.

11. Do you write your own songs? Can you discuss the songwriting process in detail.

Sure. Usually someone of the band composes a song and then we transcribe it together. Andy and Pinja write the lyrics.

12. Who are your musical influences?

Marilyn Manson, Evanescence, Nightwish, Korn, Deftones... These are the main influences for the debut album.

13. How do you describe your music to people?

Horror, dark and melancholic music from the middle of the darkest blood during the coldest time of winter.

14. What image do you think your music conveys?

It causes deep depression and raises suicide statistics. Or makes you happy.

15. Where can the fans gain access to your music and you guys?

Facebook (, YouTube ( and Email ( Our website is in the making.

16. What are your plans for the upcoming holiday season doing anything for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

It's  family time for the family guy!

17. How about the New Year what can we expect to see from the almighty Six Inch from here on out?

The debut album is the best upcoming thing for the next year. Lots of gigs. Almighty Six Inch, say that to a lady. ;)

18. Anything else you would like to say to your fans or add?

Soon my beloved, soon my beloved you get Six Inch between the good and bad.

Andy & Kim - Six Inch

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