Requiem for the Dead Guitarist Departs from Band

Requiem for the Dead fronted by former frontman of the goth heavy rockers I Am Ghost, Steven Juliano, one of the other members guitarist/programming TY posted the following message on the band's Facebook page;

"Hello everyone, Ty here.

As of yesterday, I have officially parted ways with RFTD. It was a long time coming as over the months creatively it's been a rough ride, with mostly conflict and disagreements over the style and direction of the new material we were working on. It got to a point where it was just not working anymore, and I had to let go. It's not anyone's fault, just simply what had worked before was no longer functioning in a healthy productive manner.

I'm 100% proud of the debut "Always and Forever" and the amazingly warm reception everyone has given it in the year since it's release. Especially since it was Steve's post I Am Ghost output, and quite different from the sound his fans were used to. Many of you had become very interactive with me personally and I thank you for your support and positivity. It always made me smile and feel appreciated. Thanks to all of you who came out to the few shows we did, I always had a blast on stage.

Those of you who want to keep up with me and see what's next, you know where to find me.



So Requiem for the Dead will have to find a new replacement in the upcoming future.

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