Thoughts In Reverse - Sightings

Syracuse, New York's Thought In Reverse have got an even bigger and brighter future set in stone for them since the recording and writing of this debut EP "Sightings". Having worked with producer and guitarist Mike Hatalak of It Dies Today the band says that this release represents a powerful vibration for an up-and-coming act like us. "It's an album that makes an exciting landmark in the field of aggressive music."

Wiith that the band as any other has dealt with variious obstacles and issues as any other human being would but these guys have managed to pull through in the end. As such "Sightings" is a release consisting of a variety of tracks that really develops and exposes whom Thoughts In Reverse is and want to be and later become. The instrumentals used are flawless filled with extensive amounts of energy guitars being played well with fast beats of riffs and solos running throughout. Songs like "Skywalker", "Keep It Wolf" and leading single "Judged By 12, Carried By 6" really impact on who these guys. Vocals are truly outdone with screams and shouts that really bounce off the eardrums when listening in whereas the drumming portions are heavy to each beat played. All in all this is indeed a release that will continue to express the agony and ability it takes to do this type of work.

For fans of August Burns Red, We Came As Romans, For Today, and The Acacia Strain, the guys of Thought In Reverse are some hardcore fellas who you will not forget.

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