THE 69 EYES Graphic Novel Coming This October!

As the renowned and astounding Finnish Gothic Rock band THE 69 EYES prepare to release their tenth album (aptly titled X), it is with great pleasure that gothic boutique publisher Seraphemera Books & Music dares to reveal a little bit more of the band’s history than many are aware...or might like to know...

Pieced together from a secret story hidden in six of the band’s songs, and certainly confirmed from hints dropped in countless articles and quotes, we bring you the tale of the formation of THE 69 EYES that you would never find on Wikipedia or in the bio section of any record company’s website.

"When we released our first ever 7" single in 1990, it had a 4-page mini comic book enclosed,” commented lead vampire Jyrki69. “In that comic THE 69 EYES were represented as a vampire rock band and the daughter of Van Helsing came to pay me a visit to the backstage - armed with a wooden stake! Now some two decades later we will finally have our own comic book. The song remains the same - according to a folklore we are real vampires. How else could we have played this long?"

Book 1 will be available this upcoming October, followed by book being released each following month for two months.

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