Tear Out The Heart's Tyler Konersman Talks Victory, Dreams, Goals, and Beyond!

Metalcore enthusiasts' Tear Out The Heart released their debut EP "Hell Is Empty" independently before getting signed with Victory Records.  Now that there dream has come true they have set their eyes and minds into what lays ahead as the process has already begun to write and record for their upcoming debut full-length set to be unleashed early next year. Frontman vocalist Tyler Konersman discusses the band's formation, how awesome it is to be signed with a label such as Victory to what ideas they have in-store for their debut.

1. What type of band are you?

Tyler: Yes we are a metal band basically a hardcore band mixed with metal so a metalcore band.

2. What’s the origin of the band’s name and how did the band come together?

Tyler: I was just referencing the band's who were influencing me at the time so we were kicking around idea's for a name. The band's name is a reference to this other band we had grew up listening to. So we found a name that wasn't being used so we wanted our own name and went with it. For everyone getting together I grew up with the two guitarists so we got around checking out different bands and that's where we met our bassist and drummer and we just hung out and it started from there.

3. Congrats on getting signed to Victory Records how does it make you feel?

Tyler: It's awesome everyone at Victory is very understanding of what we wanted to do, how our music works the direction we want it to go, it's just really cool with such a strong name and a lot of other labels don't have much to offer so we feel comfortable with them backing us up.

4. Now that you're signed you plan to begin working on your debut album have any ideas as to how you want it to turn out or nothing is set in stone?

Tyler: We have tons of ideas and our last EP we recorded independently and a lot of the ideas didn't make it. It was something we wanted to do with a full-length but we couldn't do it. But it's safe to say we have a lot of ideas and demos to keep everyone occupied.

5. What are your dreams and goals?

Tyler: Definitely tour the world, seeing other countries and places getting to play with the bigger names and bands we look up too like As I Lay Dying would be awesome. Just to get our vision and music heard as much as possible.

6. Talk to me about your  EP "Hell Is Empty" where did the title come from?

Tyler: The title of the EP is called "Hell Is Empty" and a reference to William Shakespeare and how he talks about the devils and how they're here and how everything can change in a matter of minutes. We wanted to pin point a destiny and how you can live it and not have others preach to you just believe in what you believe in. Just ignore all of the negatives and think positive focusing upon you and your lifestyle.

7. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Tyler: I'm a very angry dude and that's my time to vent and it can get intense and I can say anything when it comes to the subject matter. A lot of the relationships I've developed since I was a kid, being let down, disappointment, a lot of it deals with that and living your life for yourself.

8. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Tyler: All of our music is original and Josh our guitarist demo's it all then he sends it back and forth and gives our inputs and adjustments and when it gets closer to compellations I take over and listen to it again and again and write the lyrics and the mood of it. After that we get into a room and an idea is built for the structure of it and make the changes until the song comes together and everyone's influences comes together.

9. Who are your musical influences?

Tyler: We all grew up with different backgrounds and all of us like As I Lay Dying, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson a lot of dark inspiration and I myself am into the post hardcore, punk rock, fast paced thing so we blend those elements of dark and creepy but intense and fast.

10. What inspires you to do what you do?

Tyler: Honestly it's a little bit of everyone and see other's doing it. I would do this differently or how I would change it. I just go and do it rather than complain about it. I do it the way how I envision it.

11. What advice would you give to fellow bands?

Tyler: Help your music scene by not being negative towards other bands out there. I believe in karma and that it can happen good or bad so you just got to go with it. Like if you're on the road and do a show with just 10 people it doesn't matter because when you come back there will be more because your name will get out there. Also it has to do a lot with man power and networking just getting the music out there one way or another.  There isn't any other way of doing it but good old fashion hard work.

12. What are the biggest obstacles for bands?

Tyler: That there are too many bands it's a competition out there and sometime's not very friendly. The internet is one of those things that's a good source to find out what others are doing. But there is so much going on that everyone falls apart. But you just gota find your own thing separating yourselves from everyone else going beyond the limits offering much more that turns out to be true but unique than the rest of the bands out there.

13. How did you sell your CD’s/Audio Files and where can people check out your music?

Tyler: We are on Spotify and iTunes for now. So we know that since getting signed with Victory was going be a huge thing for us and help us reach more audience's we knew this was it. We do still have some physical copies of our EP available at shows but the best way to reach out to the people is through social media just keeping things interesting and updated for everyone that cares.

14. What else can we expect to see from you guys for this year?

Tyler: We will be entering the studio to record our debut full-length this fall which we're excited about. The time means a lot to us and it's our job to get our vision out there while in that studio and the process is just beginning. After that we'll be releasing it early next year then just touring to support it and get our music and name be heard.

15. Do you want to say or add anything else?

Tyler: No the questions were really good and thank you very much I appreciate it.

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