In This Moment - Blood

In This Moment's "Blood" is the fourth release by these L.A. metallers with this release there is no telling as to which direction the band will take but in this sense it seems to be one that's just stuck in the middle at least for me. This does have its share of tracks from the debut single "Blood" to other noticeable tracks like "Whore", "Burn", "Scarlet", From The Ashes", and "The Blood Legion". "Whore" takes a different approach being mellow with its constant rap rock beat being constantly present whereas "Burn" and "Scarlet", go hand in hand with one another sounding similar but slightly different. As for "From The Ashes" and "The Blood Legion", is concerned these round off this release with taking a turn for the worse having the songs be pop rock at first glance, with an aggressive approach later on bringing that true to core In This Moment home. To me this release is a solid one but doesn't compare to what was presented to us on the first album.

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