Get Scared - Built For Blame, Laced With Shame

Get Scared's "Built For Blame, Laced With Shame" EP has no words to describe it. Since the departure of previous vocalist Nicholas Blake Matthews and the arrival of new vocalist Joel Faviere this is indeed a turn for the worse for the band. Frontman Joel Faviere takes reigns of things doing a somewhat decent job but cannot compare what so ever to Matthews work. Matthews is what made Get Scared who they were since the start now that his departure has parted ways there is only "hope" left for them.

In regards to this EP it's material has a series of songs 3 of which have been released "Built for Blame", "Problematic", and "Cynical Skin", these showcasing their classic talents but new appeal to Faviere's abilities. His vocal methods are talented and creative but again surly do not compare to what Matthews had brought to the band. Instrumentally guitar, bass, and drum work is downright flawless keeping in check to what was previously done dating as far back as to their first EP "Cheap Tricks and Theatrics".

Overall with this release and new addition Get Scared's old school fans will fall between the cracks of whether or not to move on with this "new" act or stick to their guns of adoring the "classical" roots.

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