Namesake's Will Crafton Talks the Movement with Music!

Comprised of band members that all bear their fathers' names, the appropriately titled Atlanta, Georgia group, Namesake, is comprised of vocalist Will Crafton, guitarists Brad Wagner and Troy Harmon, bassist Seth Van Dusen, and drummer Kevin Nordeste. Starting as a group just out of high school they had the chance to get together writing new music just putting the pieces together little by little. Soon after they were soon signed to a label and begin the process of working on their full-length debut "Borders and Fences" having gotten the chance to tour, release a hit single "Worlds Away" that followed through with a video and have another single on the way called "The Movement". Frontman Will Crafton talked to me about the band's beginning's current activities, and upcoming plans.

1. What type of band are you and what is your backstory?

Will: We're a pop rock band like Paramore and American Rejects and we started when we all graduated high school and got label support to get the project going.

2. So you went and called the band Namesake why? What is the origin story behind a name such as this and what does it symbolize for the band?

Will: It was actually my mom's idea Brad and I were at the dinner table going through ideas when my mom said "You guys should just call yourselves Namesake". We didn't realize it but we were all named after our dad's and then the following day we brought up the name again and then we went with it.

3. Why did you pick Worlds Away as your single?

Will: The idea behind it was that it represented the album as a whole so we figured it'd get the sound out there.

4. Where did you get the music video for that song?

Will: We wanted something very visually captivating and eye catching. Having people say once the follow-up single comes up say "Oh that's the band who had that one video" it seemed to work so we'll see what happens once the next single drops.

5. What was the inspiration for the album name Borders and Fences?

Will: When the band got together we had never lived together before so after we had gotten a place of our own it was a bit weird to be all crammed together like that. But we then began working and writing music overcoming all of the obstacles together leaving everyone behind. So just going through it all and working things out is what this album is about.

6. What was most different about recording Borders and Fences?

Will: Me and the band have never recorded or written a full-length before so that was crazy once we worked with the producer. So all of the ideas we had were mutual it was just great. It was just a very unique process overall.

7. What is your favorite song from Borders and Fences?

Will: I'd have to say "The Movement" we've been playing that one a lot lately which I enjoy and the reaction has been amazing towards it.
8. You guys have a unique sound, which bands would you say influence you the most?

Will: I myself take bands like Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, 30 Seconds to Mars, and the band we all really liked 30 Seconds to Mars so they were all crazy and we were all for that. We take a lot of the punk rock vibe from Paramore and American Rejects but we all bring it in together when we write.

9. What are your songs about and what themes do they cover?

Will: The songs are about being reckless and getting away from things happening in the everyday life. I write stuff about love, lost, moving, just anything that comes across your life it just begins a story.

10. How did you get signed with Imagen Records? What was your reaction when you did get signed can you still not believe it?

Will: We had played at The World Conference Center in Atlanta Georgia for a UFC Fighting event. We opened up for a fighter doing his intro so that was a big thing for us being so young back then. So one label contacted us asked us to come out and perform for us at a showcase but they didn't like us. So after a while we had written new songs and that same label had heard those and wanted to talk to us again. So they came out we got together talked things over and things have been great ever since.

11. What are your dreams and goals?

Will: We all just want success for the band and us to just spread our word. Just share our opinions with others have it get out to the world and achieve.

12. What advice would you give to fellow bands?

Will: It took a long time to get where we are now. We never came up we just pushed on so hard work does pay off. Just keep at it no matter who brings you do just keep moving on.

13. How much more can we expect to see from Namesake for 2012?

Will: August 27th "The Movement" our second single will be released along with a new fall tour and a few other things we have in-store.

14. How does music affect you and the world around you?

Will: For me music has brought me to a very interesting point and my life has gotten so much better and you can never escape it. I'd say it affects me in a pretty big way and a big impact on my life with everyone who's surrounding it as well.

15. Anything else you want to add for your fans?

Will: I just want to say thanks for everyone who came out to our last tour and for those who picked up our album. We will see you guys on the road shortly thanks again for the support!

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