Nebrødi Murder Releases New Single!

Sicilian Gothic/Doom Metal band Nebrødi Murder released theirnew single "Ready For Burial Clothes" from the band upcoming album. The song was written in the Sinagra Cemetery, in Sicily. Recording, mix and master were made by Paolo Russo in Castell’Umberto.

Check out the single below:

Nebrødi Murder (stage name of Michele Sauta) was born as a project that unites different genres of metal, starting from folk up to doom metal.  The first projects date back to 2019 with folk and Symphonic Metal such as ‘Reign of North’ and ‘Devil's Gospel’.  From 2020 the main point of the published pieces also shifts to a sensorial and metaphysical effect.  The tracks feature orchestras and a lot of FX sounds that create a feeling of depth.

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