Ultratone - A Dream

Indie rockers Ultratone have a new track out titled "A Dream", taken from their album called "Mellow". Now with titles such as these, you would think that an act such as this one, would be in that type of sense and you would be right. For Ultratone's styling is indeed indie rock, with their track "A Dream", being very mellow yet easy going with its tone of melodies and energy overall.

The track plays off throughout as being upbeat, catching, and just very energy driven. As for the tone of the actual vocalization mixed in with the melodies, makes the song more balanced. The track becoming more easy listening, care free, just more fun to hear than anything else really.

In terms of the actual music, it plays off like any other type of indie based act, whether that be an artist or a band type. Ultratone's style is very direct, in tone of beats. Like how the vocal chords tend to play off quite a bit with the instrumentals makes the music drift in a swaying motion, creating this non-stop sense, that makes the pattern of the music be more grounded yet still direct in approach.
For instance of how the music carries itself, makes everything work at once. You get an idea right away, of how it all comes together immediately. It's as if the band knew all along, just how to keep this track so entertaining, its uncanny how well it is pulled off.

Ultratone as a whole though, is one of those acts, that keeps their music in check and tune as well. Their style is just fun, an easy listening experience and exposure, of an overall feeling of enlightenment with just the right amount of excitement. Surely "A Dream", does take off with its source material, just as the accompanying album "Mellow", does as well.


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