TLE Releases New Video Single "Where The Highway Ends" Featuring Tony Lovato of Mest

Self-proclaimed dad-punk band, TLE, has released a brand new single, "Where The Highway Ends." The track, which is also accompanied by a music video, is the third single that the band has released this year. TLE are also excited to have Tony Lovato from Mest as a guest vocalist on the song.

Unlike the two previous songs that talk about some of the challenges of parenting, "Where The Highway Ends" is about TLE's glory days when they originally started the band and the stressful task of making it to a show on time. The music video features live footage from two different shows that TLE performed in 2002 and 2003! When discussing the new single, TLE stated, "Don't call it a comeback. Well, since this song is really about us, 15 years ago, when we were originally a band, maybe call it a comeback? As long as we are coming back from something 'awesomer' than TLE. Like The Legitimate Excuse. Hmmm... we certainly can't promise 'awesomer' but we can promise shorter. So short, in fact, it's almost as if it never even existed. Which, to be fair, is probably an 'awesomer' thing."

Fans can head over to the Revival Recordings YouTube channel to watch the music video for "Where The Highway Ends" now! The track is also available to stream on all digital platforms and for purchase on iTunes. Check out the video HERE.

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