The Mountain Carol - Starkiller and the Banshees

The Mountain Carol, is a band whose out coming was purely out of blue. They went on to release a debut EP, in a rather straightforward mannerism. Later on setting sights upon the follow-up release of a debut full-length album, titled "Starkiller and the Banshees". At first listen, their style sends out vibrations to that of which, resemble that of the gothic style, blended with techno rhythm. When in check, their style is not of the gothic kind. Their style is similar to techno except electronic. In short, their style is a mix bag really, it's electro, experimental, indie pop, jazzy, and atmospheric. Think of the era that is the 80's of Tears For Fears or Duran Duran for instance, that is whom The Mountain Carol sound a lot alike. It shows quite well upon such tracks as "Essex Ferry", "Sway", "Shadow Puppets" and "The Party's Over". Each of these being well crafty, with just the right amount of edginess, with just a tad of spunk. It makes their material more expressive and enjoyable through and through. Surely though, The Mountain Carol's debut album that is "Starkiller and the Banshees", is one of those that just needs to be heard to experience it.

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