Terry Derosier - Thunderin Down The Road

Who does not love the great outdoors, for American singer/songwriter Terry Derosier, an Americana folk rock artist he sure does and it sure shows rather nicely within his music choice of a career. Not only does he love the great outdoors, he partakes in loving motorcycles, especially riding them!

With that said, "Thunderin Down The Road", is one of the many latest tracks from Terry Derosier, as it pictures the right set up for this particular track. It detailing a trip he took on what else, the two things he loves best; the great outdoors and riding motorcycles! This track being written while out on a motorcycle trip from Northern Minnesota across the Great Plains of the North Dakota to Glacier National Park in the Montana Rocky Mountains.

As Terry rode along the road, as the song says, and as he always had done, as he liked taking trips such as this countless times prior. He would think up snippets of lyrics that would be his inspiration for this experience of a track while on his travels. He says it being a true based experience of riding free in America. That said, the track is very true to what has all been said here.

In terms of the track itself, vocalization is done quite well, whilst the instrumentation is done  just as nicely. The tone of beats being gripping yet fun. It just being an entertaining track with a picturesque setting right off the bat. Literally upon listening in to the lyrical context, you are taken to where is being sung. You receiving an ideal image in your head, of everything that is said as said before. It is so odd how that tends to work out, but it does, capturing an essence that is truly unforgettable you see the imagery come to life with each listen through.

As far as Terry Derosier goes as an artist, he has skills, upbeat tones as far as music goes, and is just able to keep you interested with his material. If he continues this pattern with future working's, surely he will keep all interested for many more years to come.


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