Paul Bartolome Goes into Great Discussion of Past and Present Projects

Where to begin with an artist such as Paul Bartolome. He got into music because he was never good at anything else. Since starting so long ago, he has taken inspiration from an array of artists, forming numerous projects over time, including his former band Bad Fortune, which would warp into his current solo career as the artist he is now. Him being currently focused upon his summer debut album "Gravity", with so much else happening a far as music releases go,with some shows also a maybe in the works as well. Paul Bartolome himself goes into great discussion about all of these things!

1. First of all, please introduce yourself to our readers.

I'm Paul, I started doing music because I was terrible at everything else!

2. When and why did you start playing music?

I have no idea it was so long ago! I use to sing all the time to literally everything!

3. Which instruments do you play?

I sing, play guitar and piano, then got into the production and comprising side of music!

4. Which musicians do you admire?

There are too many artists to list, not gonna lie, as it changes everyday so I cannot name off just one artist sorry haha.

5. Do you write your own songs, what sort of topics does your music cover?

Yes I write all my own songs. I draw inspirations from all types of subjects and situations. It really depends on what I am feeling ya know? Whether it's a song like "Fly Away", featuring Philip Strand of Normandie, that song talking about the state of the world and lightly hinting at my views on politics for instance. Or take a song like "Self Destruct" featuring Ezekiel Person of ex-Down and Dirty, where it just becomes a full blown RAGE song.

Or you have a song like "Standing at the Edge" featuring Dave Escamilla ex-Crown The Empire and Bad Fortune, which just so happens to be the beginning chapter to 3 songs of mine, part 2 being my current single "A Long Way From Home" featuring Craig Mabbit of Escape The Fate, with part 3 being titled "Unbreakable" featuring Sophy Streater who is my beautiful fiancé. That story of those songs, being about chasing your dreams but sacrificing everything for it, then later realizing you made a mistake then it is too late. As you try rebuilding everything you lost. Those songs really going hand in hand as far as the story goes. But yeah it just varies really.

6. What projects have you gotten involved in thus far into your career as a musician?

As far as projects, I've gotten involved with, I've done tons of gigs on my own and with my fiancé in the past, but since doing music officially, only projects consist of my previous band "Bad Fortune" and my solo album "Gravity". I also have a whole another album recorded, but no plans to release it, as a full-length as of yet. Thinking more about just putting songs out from that release, as singles instead at this point.

7. So you mentioned being in a project called Bad Fortune, how did that start and end would you say?

Bad Fortune had started when I'd written the song called "Gravity", which would later become the title track for a full-length album later on. I had written and recorded the track and loved how it came out. I had heard Dave had just left Crow The Empire, and I had gotten a little drunk one night on tequila and thought "Hey why not, imma message Dave and see if he'll want to be featured on it haha".

So I had hit him up then decided I probably looked like some little fan boy asking for a feature, so went to delete the message but ended up passing out after too many shots. Anyway long story short, I woke up the next day, and he had replied back and was done to feature on the track. Then he wanted to help by mixing the track, but that was too challenging doing it where he lived in Dallas and I was in the U.K. So I just told him one day "Yo why don't I fly out to Dallas and we get a room and mix the track together and get it done?". He was super down for it, so I flew out and we got on greatly and worked well together, it made sense and then yeah... it started from there really. Then it continued for about a year,I think it was. I don't regret any of it. We had a great time and we made some great tunes. I wish him nothing but the best with his new project.

8. Did Bad Fortune release any material? Can you disclose the details behind said work and where we can check it out?

Yeah as Bad Fortune we had released 2 songs on YouTube, "Save Me" and "Vicious Cycle". Then we recorded my song off "Gravity" that I had already titled as "Standing At The Edge", that was going to be put out under "Bad Fortune". So when that had ended it had made sense to put that version we had done together, back on my own album, as one of the highlights from the album in my opinion.

9. How would you say that, that's bands ending caused this whole new project of your solo working to begin and this whole new release of an album to come forth?

Well I had already started my album during the whole "Bad Fortune" thing but had planned to release songs as more of a little side thing, while focused fully on that band. So when it had ended I then decided to go full steam ahead and put literally everything I had into this album I would call "Gravity", putting my full attention towards it only.

10. Where are you in the process of the new album?

The album is completely written and recorded, currently being mixed and mastered with some other songs being finished completely, with others still being left to do.

11. So this will be your debut solo album, for your solo career project, correct?

Yes, this is my debut album, as a solo artist, for this project. I was extremely stoked and thankful for the guys over at Alternative Press for premiering the first single off it called "End of the World" featuring JT Tollas, and listing the tracklisting in full as well.

12. Who is producing the album? How has the producer aided the recording process?

I wrote, recorded and produced the whole album myself. I then brought my brother David in to mix the majority of the album, with the exception of a couple of songs. One was mixed by Taylor Larson, and one was mixed by Dave Escamilla, with another one being mixed by Matt Good. All the songs were mastered by Taylor Larson.

13. How would you describe the overall sound of the new album?

As far as the sound of the album, it's hard to describe, because I just would say there's something for everyone. From hard rock to a ballad vibey type, down to metal to a full blown summer pop song. It's a collection of all of the styles of music, that I myself have listened to and enjoyed, put into one album. There being no limits, no rules. It is my album and if I want to do it that way then I will! Haha, so it is epic, it rocks hard, has emotion and there's just something for everybody!

14. Did you have any definitive goals that you were shooting for before the recording process even began for this album?

My goal was to make an album I was 100% happy with in every way. And it took me 3 months to write. And about a life time to record, mix, and master haha. But I'm stoked to say that I couldn't be happier with this album.

15. Are you using any new instrumentation you've never used in the recording process before?

There's a lot of guitar on the album, but also I've used guitar as more of an effect on some songs and used it in a way, I never have before, as well as using my voice as well. Doing things I have never done before and hitting notes, I have never ever hit before either! There's tons of piano, production, and effects that make the album all over just plain weird. This album just has so much into it, that I literally put everything I have into it and pushed it to the absolute max!

16. When did you start writing for this album?

I started writing for this album,back in December of 2016. But had put it on hold while doing Bad Fortune.

17. Did you feel any pressure whatsoever for this album?

No pressure at all honestly. This was me as an artist, people will either like it or not. It doesn't really matter, there's people out there that can't wait to hear it, which I am so stoked about. But my main goal was to make an album I am happy with and I have done that so I am happy.

18. Can you go into one or two tracks on the new album? If so, can you give us the track title and brief description of how the track sounds and how it came about?

Yes of course, my favorite song off the album would be "Unbreakable", which is just HUGE on all accounts. It is a pop summer song, that I even managed to convince my fiancé to sing on it! Taylor Larson is mixing and mastering it. I just love it! I really think people will dig it!

19. How is the vibe in the studio going?

The vibe in the studio has been great and the recording process well I prefer to be alone. Then I can really dive into the songs and record them in every way possible. Just being alone, is where I am part of the songs I create. I feel I can take this material more places, experimenting especially with the vocals, not having any pressure of people watching. The mixing being done by me, and my brother as we always have a good time together. We'll be in the studio, as he mixes, sharing a few drinks, just having a laugh. It's a great vibe and atmosphere, there's been times where we've gone all night and just not stopped laughing or drinking haha!

20. When can we expect the new album to be released?

The album is coming late this summer on August 21st 2018. I have a few more singles dropping beforehand though!

21. Do you have any other projects you would like to mention?

No, not at this moment. Just focusing upon my solo works' with this album "Gravity" being my full on focus right now!

22. What are the remaining plans set for this year 2018?

My plan is to get the album out there, and also have a music video booked for July, then putting out new merchandise at my online store over at As far as the album and songs go, there will be a couple of songs dropped from the album and the collection of other songs I mentioned earlier. I will also maybe plan a show or 2 MAYBE. Just needing some time to take a chill pill ya know? Haha, but for sure follow me and stay tuned for all new things, music especially!

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