Fabp aka Fabpz The Freelancer - I'm Loco I'm Crazy

Fabp aka Fabpz The Freelancer has released an all new track titled "I'm Loco I'm Crazy", with accompanying video. The video is nothing too glamour's just very basic. Just as the track itself is pretty much. "I'm Loco I'm Crazy", is hip hop, rap, and gangsta rap mixed together, so if those genres are not your thing then this track may not be either.

The artist Fabp aka Fabpz The Freelancer is not a bad artist, he is actually an internet sensation, except this track "I'm Loco I'm Crazy", just is not cutting it. At least not for me and my usual music listening experiences. While listening to this trio of genres, among others within the genre of similarities have crossed my path, this variation of it, just is not it. The style just lacks in quality, it sounds bland and boring. The melodies and catchiness it should contain does not exist. There is music provided and it does take a notice during its run time but it does not grip you as other sorts of hip hop, rap, or gangsta rap would from another artist or even band.

"I'm Loco I'm Crazy", is just a song for the taking, to listen in on, that being all there is it has to offer. Its source of music that plays forth, just remains there, being listenable but nothing more other than that is given here. Again Fabp aka Fabpz The Freelancer as an artist has skills set, but his other works are more rounded, appealing, and better suited than this track. All in all it is a track with an artist that has something, allowing themselves to grow, just as their music does as well.


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