Between Kings Mentions of The Escape!

Australian post alternative rockers Between Kings have an all new album out now titled "The Escape". Off that album came some singles "World Of Our Own" and the title track "The Escape", with more following soon enough. The band goes on further with mentioning about their future plans, more details about the album and everything else in-between!

1. So then, why the name Between Kings?

Well we came up with the name at a point in time where we were all down and out but we still felt like kings. We were young, broke but still masters of our own destiny.

2. How did the band form and why was music your calling card?

We all knew we wanted to play music from a very young age. Every member has their own influences but we share a love for creating music we can relate to. As for how we met... shhhhh it’s a secret.

3. What type of music does the band play and why was that genre picked out, over all the others out there?

We play music we like to listen to. We have an arena rock/pop sound and I think when we write music we always have in mind what we would like to hear as a lover of the genre. It’s always good to put yourself in the listeners position and think about what you want them to feel while listening to your song.

4. As a whole, how would you describe your album "The Escape" both in sound and content?

As a whole our Album has a theme revolving around escapism. We know what it’s like to be stuck in that everyday grind and to feel trapped in your own mind. We wrote the album as a way to help us escape and I think the music has a way of portraying that.

5. Who would you call your musical influences and why are they so?

As a band we all have very different influences ranging from punk to pop to hardcore music to blues. We all grew up listening to different music and I think it helps us come up with different ways of looking at writing. Jayden takes a lot from blues/classic rock as he grew up listening to his dads bands play. Jordan loves the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Imagine Dragons and Bring me The Horizon. Our Drummer Trick loves his punk and punk/pop like Blink 182 and Paramore and Nic takes inspiration from bands like The Killers, Bring Me The Horizon and All time Low.

6. How would you depict the lyrical context that your music revolves, what sort of topics does your band tend to cover?

We cover a range of topics but a lot of our music reflects our emotions we feel on a day to day basis. Mental health is something a few of us struggle with and overcoming those emotions is no easy task, so our writing often refers to overcoming adversity. That being said, we can sing about mental health one song and go to an all out good vibe song the next. We keep it pretty diverse with our lyrical content.

7. Which track off "The Escape", would be your favorite and why?

Each band member has their own favourite song off the album. Personally I think Forget The Comedown and To The Wolves are amazing to play live and get the crowds dancing. World of our own and the title track The Escape are two of my personal favourites to sit back and listen to.

8. What are you most excitedly looking forward towards, this album or heading out on the road?

We are super excited for people to hear the album! We have worked so hard on this and poured our hearts and souls into it so it’s a great feeling having it out in the world. Hitting the road and touring is so much fun too! We are currently touring Australia and New Zealand and we are having a blast! I think it’s too hard to choose between the two!

9. You went ahead with releasing two singles off this album, "World Of Our Own" and "The Escape", will any other tracks follow suite?

We have a few in mind. Now that the album is out we can start looking at more music videos and singles.

10. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Our music is available across all platforms from Spotify to ITunes/google play to youtube. You can also catch our music on radio here in Australia and in the USA.

11. What plans do you have for the near future as a band?

We are busy touring the album at the moment. We will be planning more shows and getting out to as many places as we can. We are also currently writing our second album so we will be hard at work with touring and recording new music!

12. Would you like to add or say anything more?

We all just want to say thank you so much for all the support. Our fans have been amazing every step of the way! We are so grateful for our followers old and new. We are just four dudes from Brisbane writing music we love and we feel so blessed to have such a huge amount of support! We plan on writing more music and playing more shows and hope to see you all right there with us!

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