Valentin The Mad Releases Instrumental Track “Losing the Sense of Time”

Instrumental solo artist Valentin The Mad releases a new track from his "Deadly Obsession", solo project. "Losing the Sense of Time", is a rock instrumental with a big emphasis on guitar solos and some Spanish music inspirations.

On the concept and the creation of the track: "In 2013 I made a backing track using some of the earliest ideas I ever wrote. A few months later, jamming on that backing track became a part of my warm up routine and what ended up happening quite often, is that I was jamming and experimenting with ideas for hours on end, forgetting whatever I was supposed to work on that day. That feeling of losing the sense of time in joy became the theme of the track."

Solo project playlist:

You can listen to "Losing the Sense of Time" here:

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